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Meet Our Executive Director

Christian Bayly., B.A, M.A, OCT

For more than 20 years PDS has been supporting schools in Ontario, throughout Canada and around the world in meeting and exceeding the expectations of the government, their stakeholders, community and of course their students. Through providing support during school inspections, International Accreditation and in the launching of new and innovative programs; PDS is there to support and cultivate your school’s mission and vision.


Online and in-person Professional Development Sessions can be arranged for your school to provide your staff with comprehensive training on a wide variety of topics. Large seminars/webinars on new trends and fascinating topics in education are constantly ongoing.


PDS is committed to improving lifelong learning opportunities and outcomes by collaborating with schools on a wide range of pressing issues. Our team includes former teachers, institutional leaders, and researchers with deep expertise across all levels of education from early childhood and K-12, to higher education and workforce programs.

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