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Education Software


Online Course

Are you interested in providing your students with interactive and engaging online learning experiences and courses? Are your students looking for a fun environment as they learn the curriculum? PDS can support schools in both either developing their own online learning system and courses and/or PDS can offer you complete packages with both a LMS (Learning Management System) and also complete High School courses. All necessary course material is included as well as training to use the material.

Online Course Development can include:

  • Complete Online School Policies and Procedures

  • Customized LMS system

  • Online Courses

  • Training / Technical Support

  • Turn Key Operation

PDS can assist your school in launching a wide range of innovative programs at your school. From software solutions to creative educational programs that can be unique to your school you can trust PDS to help bring your ideas from the paper to practice. PDS can help launch your ideas for your students and train your staff on its use. PDS can also develop your program entirely

Innovative Program Creation can include:

  • Software solutions for your school

  • Virtual Reality programs

  • STEAM programs

  • Integrating Online Technologies



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If you’ve been wanting to provide your staff with top-of-the-line professional development, presented in an engaging and exciting style, by people whose expertise includes practical experience

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